A Copywriting & Social Marketing Strategy Firm

We help individuals and small businesses reach their career, personal branding, and online selling goals.

We write resumes, biographies, lead-generating web pages, email nurture campaigns, & social media ads.

We also edit online marketing copy and coach on how to promote your brand or business on Social Media. 

Founded by Denise Renee, The Derenco Agency's mission is to help career-minded individuals, licensed sales professionals, plus solo and small businesses attract their right audience online, master their message, and build their brand so they can increase their income and profit from their passion.

Launching the firm was a natural culmination of Denise Renee's 10+ years of experience in helping small business owners with their online marketing, and her time spent as a freelance jingle writer and radio commercial producer in New York City.

Writing is the constant thread that has woven its’ way through Denise Renee's various experiences, which range from entrepreneurial and freelance ventures to corporate positions, job recruitment, entertainment, and even non-profit work. Denise Renee had a natural fascination with commercials and marketing from a young child.  In the last five years, she has spent a concerted amount of time sharpening her skills as a direct-response copywriter, with a concentration in online sales funnels and social media marketing.

Now based in Atlanta, Georgia, Denise Renee takes the lead in all strategic consulting and copywriting engagements.  Should your campaign need enhancing, we have a network of creative professionals we partner with to meet your needs. Corporate professionals should visit our Career Services page and small businesses should visit our Copywriting Services page to learn how we can specifically help you achieve your career or marketing goals.

On a personal note, Denise Renee loves watching Phineas and Ferb on Netflix with her 5-year-old son and dancing with him to the soundtrack.  Denise Renee also enjoys sharing motivating messages, life-hacks and personal development lessons she's learned through her personal blog, MeetDeniseRenee.com.  On the weekends, you can find her leading the music team at her local church.  Final fun fact: in her mind, Denise Renee is a dog person... but she hasn't quite gotten around to getting one yet!


Founder | Lead Strategist & Copywriter