" The Derenco Agency is a boutique ghostwriting and consulting firm founded by Denise Renee.  We ghostwrite books and blogs for executives and entreprenurs who are ready to write their vision, build their brand, and leave their legacy so that they can fulfill their dream of being an published author and a trusted authority.



(Disclaimer from Denise Renee: Please don't forget that I am a writer! Remember, you came to this page to learn more about me. So grab a cup of your favorite beverage and get ready to read!)

I like to joke that I’ve been writing ever since I could hold a crayon!  Short stories in junior high.  Poems in high school.  Music and lyrics in college.  With all that creativity flowing through me, it’s no wonder I double majored in English and Music, with concentrations in Creative Writing and Composition, respectively.  

I started my career as a high school English teacher in New York City public schools in 1996.  Before I could get wooed by the false security of tenure and be permanently pissed off for the next 30 years, I bailed in 1999.  I transitioned into an admissions role at a private Christian college.  

On the side, my personal connections in the Gospel music scene in the city earned me opportunities to write for some regional newspapers and local music blogs in the early 2000’s.  I moved on from my admissions position in 2002 and decided to forgo the traditional working world to promote a CD I had released.  I also launched my first business in 2003 producing jingles and writing radio commercial copy. 

I was flying by the seat of my pants and didn’t really understand how to grow my musical hustles into a sustainable business.  So after a year of being a “starving artist,” I got a full-time job which introduced me to the corporate sales and marketing world.  But I still took on jingle clients and performing gigs whenever they happened to find me.

I married in 2008 and moved to Atlanta a few months after our nuptials, just before the economy took a nose dive off the proverbial cliff. I finally let my jingle production hustle go. In its’ place, I dove heavily into learning about digital marketing and started studying copywriting.  I did it so I could grow a popular networking series and coaching business that I was running with my then husband.  A business, I’ll emphasize, that was based on his skillset and talents.

Fast forward a few years.  When it became clear that our marriage was over, I was too hurt, angry, and frustrated to continue working on that business with him.  Separating meant I needed my own income source.  So I returned to the corporate world in 2014.  But I also mustered up the courage to believe that I could overcome my earlier business failures and build my own business based on my core genius which was writing.  I launched The Derenco Agency the same year while still working full-time.

At first, I offered a wide variety of writing services, ranging from resume writing for professionals, crafting bios for entrepreneurs, to sales page copywriting, and even helping business owners with their social media marketing.  Even though I was helping people get new jobs, attract more clients, and sell out their events, I felt unfocused.  I dreamed of running my business full-time, but my model wasn’t sustainable.   Worse than that, I felt like I was constantly chasing dollars and clients instead of doing what I was truly passionate about.

As I evaluated my fledgling business and my growing dissatisfaction in my corporate marketing job, I finally had a series of “come-to-Jesus” moments. I couldn’t see myself staying where I was or hustling to get another job, only to be unhappy with the rest of my working career.  But I did see myself having a thriving writing business. 

Burning in my heart was a desire to help people connect with their God-given purpose by living out my own. Writing comes easily to me today because of my years of study, practice, and my natural love for it.  I realized that I could help people for whom writing doesn't come easily, but who still need to share their personal and business stories.  I decided I wouldn't do anything less than what truly fueled my passions.

So I made a series of bold decisions.  I decided to shift my business and focus on doing only the things I really enjoyed doing: writing books and writing blogs.  I also decided that my job was standing in the way of me playing full out in my business.  So in the summer of 2017, I made the leap (without a parachute) to working my business full-time.  I changed the services I offered and started the work of attracting the types of clients that were right for me.

It has been more than a year and I have not regretted these decisions in the least. In the last few months, I’ve completed book manuscripts for myself and clients that are scheduled for publication in Fall 2018.  I’ve been helping others increase their brand presence and attract new leads with their thought leadership blogs.  I’ve never loved what I do so much, nor have I been more fulfilled in my entire working career than right now! 

I’m so excited and dialed in because I’m using what is not only a natural gift but a skill I’ve been honing for over 20 years in professional environments to help amazing entrepreneurs and professionals realize their dreams of becoming a published author or a trusted authority.  I get so much joy when my clients tell me about the positive reactions they’re getting to their blog posts, or when they tell me they have a publisher interested in their book.  They are amazing experiences, for me and for them.

So if you’re ready to have your own amazing experience, be sure to explore this site for the different ways I can help you bring your brand and story to life.  

Thanks for reading!