" Denise Renee's guidance has totally transformed my effectiveness!  

- Tina G. (Atlanta, GA)      


Contrary to popular belief, writing is not a solo sport.  It takes a village to produce brilliant books and blogs.  Editors, beta readers, peers, and writing mentors or coaches make up an essential part of a writer’s community.  

Feel free to think of me as your village for hire.

If you’re struggling with starting your book or blog, are unsure of how to organize your content, feel like everything you write is dumb, or fear that you may start but never finish, then Writing Coaching is for you.

It is ideal for first time authors, new bloggers, or those who never considered themselves a good writer, but are passionate about the message they want to share.   Even experienced writers or previously published authors can always use a second pair of eyes and a sounding board for their work.

You don’t have to write your book or blog in a vacuum or struggle with trying to motivate yourself.

So what qualifies me to be your on-call writing guru?

  • I have a Bachelors of Arts in English with a concentration in Creative Writing.
  • I recently spent 3 years as the copy editor for a quarterly business magazine.
  • I've been studying and practicing direct response copywriting since 2008.
  • I've spent 5 years writing for regional, niche newspapers in New York City.
  • I've ghostwritten countless articles and throught-leadership pieces for professionals and academics.
  • I've ghostwritten and authored books scheduled for publication in Fall 2018.

Tap “Request Service” to get a call from me to discuss what you’re interested in.  Coming soon: you’ll be able to watch a description video and explore each service in more depth.


Book Writing Coaching (Private)

Organization, accountability, efficient writing strategies and professional editing in one place. REQUEST SERVICE

Write Your Book (Group Coaching)

It's the Book Writing Coaching program in a group setting. REQUEST SERVICE

Content Copy & Strategy Coach (Blogging)

Content, promotional strategy, accountibility, and editing for your blog. REQUEST SERVICE