´╗┐" I wouldn't have been able to successfully promote my conference without Denise Renee's expertise as a content writer.  From the event sales page, to follow up emails to social media messages, she took care of it all!  - Edeline D. (Atlanta, GA)      


Written content makes the world of business go 'round.

You are on this page because you know that expertly written copy can mean the difference between a won or lost sale in your business. 

I have had a wide variety of writing experiences throughout my career.  I've done it all, from writing marketing messages to copywriting, to writing jingles and radio spots.

I've written in corporate environments, plus I've worked with entrepreneurs and solo business owners who were the face of their brand.

What makes me good at what I do is my ´╗┐ability´╗┐ to keenly listen to my clients, understand their audience's emotional triggers, and coming up with the right words that will help them take the next step in the buying process (CTA, anyone?).  

Whether you need benefits-driven sales copy for your website, an email nurture (autoresponder) series for your marketing campaign, or an ebook written to help draw in new customers,  I am here to help you achieve your business goals.


Website Messaging Review

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Website Content - Information Pages

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Website Content - Sales Pages

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Sales Email

Expertly promote your next big offer in your audience's inbox. REQUEST SERVICE

Email Nurture (Autoresponder) Series

Steadily communicate with your prospects and clients at regular intervals. REQUEST SERVICE


Social Media Messaging Review

Learn the copy and imaging updates that could improve your effectiveness.  REQUEST SERVICE

Social Media Content

Let a wordsmith craft your Social Media posts and ads for maximum!  REQUEST SERVICE

Video Scripts

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Case Studies

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Showcase your products or services in a well-crafted ebook that closes sales. REQUEST SERVICE