" Denise Renee has ghostwritten and edited my academic papers for a number of years.  In the process of working with her, I've become a better writer, able to express myself through the written word more clearly.  - Rachael C. (New York, NY)      


When you don’t have the time, tenacity, or talent to write the words necessary to propel your vision forward in a written format, you turn to a ghostwriter.

A word of caution, though, before you hire one: not all writers have the ability to put their own style aside and effectively write in another person’s voice.  

But I do.  

Wanna know how?

Well, to be transparent, it’s a rather spiritual process for me.  See, I do the work of truly getting to know my clients.  And then one day, POOF!  I get clarity on your writing voice.  And then I’m able to “see” your project in my minds’ eye, the way that you would write it.  At that point, I simply transcribe what I “see.”

Working with me is like having a series of coffee dates with an attentive friend who asks you all the right questions.  And when we meet again, you will be reading a well written piece that sounds as though you wrote it yourself. 

So what qualifies me to write for you?  My writing history is extensive, but here are a few relevant highlights:

    • Bachelors of Arts in English with a concentration in Creative Writing.
    • Additional years of continuing education in creative writing and copywriting.
    • 5 years writing for NYC regional, niche newspapers.
    • 3 years as the copy editor for a quarterly business magazine.
    • Ghostwriter for countless articles and though-leadership pieces for professionals and academics.
    • Ghostwriter and author for books scheduled for publication in Fall 2018.

Tap “Request Service” to get a call from me to discuss what you’re interested in.  Coming soon: you’ll be able to watch a description video and explore each service in more depth.


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