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For solo entrepreneurs – such as business coaches, licensed sales professionals or beauty salon/spa owners – the buck starts and stops with you. You’ve mastered your own trade, then realized that in order to survive in business, you’ll need to master a few more – namely sales, marketing, and branding. But there isn’t enough time in your day to be 100% sure your social, email and website messaging is as effective as it can be so that you’re continually driving new and repeat sales. That’s where we come in: to the rescue!

ENTREPRENEUR SERVICES - Social | Email | Website Messaging


Social Media, Email & Website Copy

If you simply need help deploying the right message at the right time, we're here to help. We provide lead generating, nurturing and sales copy for Social Media, Email, and Websites:

  • Social Media Posts
  • Social Media PPC Ads
  • Email - Newsletters / Nurture Series
  • Email - Sales (Cold or Warm)
  • Web Pages - Info / Brochure
  • Web Pages - Lead Capture / Offer Sign-ups
  • Web Pages - Long-form Sales Page / Product or Event Sales
  • Video Scripts
  • Content Marketing - Case Study / Client Stories
  • Content Marketing - eBooks 
  • Content Marketing - White Papers


Email Nurture Campaings

If you hear any "guru" touting a false doctrine by saying email marketing is dead in 2016, they are clearly not paying attention!  True, it is tougher to stand out in the inbox these days, but email isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  To win your customer's open click, you have to be delivering the right message to them at the right time.  There are other tricks of the trade that we'd love to pull out of our hat for you to help you increase earnings by this "free" medium.

Monthly Messaging Mentor

Have you ever wished you had someone to review your work before you made it available to the world?  Let us review your emails, social posts and website offer pages before you publish it... we'll set your strategy straigh first, then let you know if you are on the right track on a 3 or 6 month basis.  You'll know exactly what you need to fix: the whys and the hows..


Marketing & Branding Messaging Development

Never worry about what you're going to say about your business... EVER!  Your messaging will be carefully crafted and documented for your easy reference, making email, website, and social media communications.. even pamphlets and direct marketing pieces a breeze.

Online Lead Generation & Sales Funnel Development

How exactly do you turn a casual viewer of a social media post into a lifelong customer?  You create a path that will lead them directly to your virtual cash register.  From simple leads and sales funnels to detailed customer journeys, we'll create a customized roadmap to your online sales success.

Social Media Branding, Marketing & Sales Development

Still randomly posting irrelevant "lifestyle" posts?  No wonder you're not seeing any sales!  It's time to get strategic!  We'll help you identify your client acquisition goals for your social media platforms (we specialize in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube) and the exact steps that are best suited for you and your business to take to achieve those goals.

Website Audit + Re-messging Strategy Development

We know you don't just want a pretty website... you want it to "work!"  And by "work" you mean you expect it to generate new leads and opportunities to transform your visitors into paying customers.  We can tell you what's wrong with your existing site (or what's right if there are elements that are working) plus we'll tell you how to fix it.

​Content Marketing Strategy Development

You know that "content is king" and that you should "do" content marketing.... but you have so many questions? Should you blog? Should you do video? What about infographics and podcasting? How frequently should you create? How do you get people to know about your content? How is it supposed to generate new customers? We'll put all these questions to rest in your mind for you by laying out your own, personalized step by step guide.


Audio Branding & Advertising (Radio/Podcast)

Looking to advertise on the radio with your own unique style and sound?  Can you podcast sparkle even more with a fresh, new, customized introduction?  Bring uniformity to the sound of your radio show or to our audio/visual based information products.  From concept to final playback, you'll love the way we'll have your brand sounding!

  • Audio Commercial Production
  • Jingle Production 
  • Show Theme Song Production
  • Audio Commercial Production + Jingle

Coach / Author / Speaker Services

If you are just starting out or are in the process of pivoting your brand as a business or life coach, an author or a public speaker, there are certain elements you must have in your toolkit.  We'll make sure you are properly outfitted!This includes a professional biography, press releases and even development of your social media platform.

  • Professional Biography
  • Social Media Profile Re-writes 
  • Resume or CV (See "Professionals" Tab)
  • Press Release
  • Social Media Branding Development (See "Consulting Packages" below)

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