" With Denise Renee's guidance, I finally learned what to say on Social Media that attracts attention.  In the first DAY of implementing her changes, my post comments jumped dramatically, I received 6 requests for quotes, and I booked 3 new clients... from ONE post! 

 - Ashley B. (Atlanta, GA)      


With so many directions you can take your book, blog, and branding efforts, almost every exec or entrepreneur has said, “what do I do next?” at some point in their process.

I  answer that question with a step by step action plan that is customized for you.

When you sign up for a multi-hour intensive session with me, you will leave with a plan of action for writing or marketing your book, marketing you blog, turning your website into a lead generating machine, or finally understanding how to use social media to grow your brand. 

What qualifies me to be your strategist of choice?

    • I’ve been an online marketer since 2005.
    • I’ve been a marketing copywriter since 2008.
    • I’ve been leveraging social media since 2009 to grow audiences and sell products and events, having generated 5-figure sales.
    • I’ve had plenty of failures in self-publishing and self-promotion which has actually taught me more than all of my on and off-line successes!

Tap “Request Service” to get a call from me to discuss what you’re interested in.  Coming soon: you’ll be able to watch a description video and explore each service in more depth.


Book Writing Strategy VIP Day

Get clarity on exactly what to write that will resonate with your audience. REQUEST SERVICE

Content Strategy VIP Day

Blog or website not converting? Let me take a look and show you how to fix what's broken. REQUEST SERVICE


Book Marketing Plan of Action

Self publishing?  You need a plan to sell your book!  I can help! REQUEST SERVICE

Social Media Branding Plan of Action

Properly position your brand and start getting leads and clients from your Social Media efforts.. REQUEST SERVICE